Introduction to The Flute in Jazz: Window on World Music, by Peter Westbrook

The Flute in Jazz - book coverIn his new book, and documentary film, Peter Westbrook examines the history of the flute in jazz, and looks at the artists, the techniques, and the styles that make jazz flute a rich part of contemporary world music. The book includes an introduction by James Newton, interviews with leading flutists, and an extensive discography. The accompanying website contains further interviews, plus pictures, reviews, news, and links to flutists throughout the world.

The flute is found in some form in virtually every culture, in every historical period, but it was a relative latecomer to jazz. Now it is making up for lost time, contributing a rich color to the jazz palette, and attracting the attention of leading artists, for many as a main “double” for the saxophone, for some as their exclusive instrument. Others are taking flute techniques from Cuba, Brazil, India or Japan and blending them with jazz styles, contributing to the streams of fusion that make up world music, and bringing the music of the world into jazz.

“Wow! . . . far above anything I've read on this subject. I'm honored to be a part of this project.” James Newton

“A fine job. You are more thorough than I could ever have imagined.” Hubert Laws

“Your book looks amazing! I am certainly glad you are doing this.” Steve Kujala

published by Harmonia Books
available Fall 2008


Peter Westbrook - author of The Flute in Jazz

Peter Westbrook is a flutist, saxophonist, musicologist and educator. He holds a Ph.D. in musicology and has studied jazz theory and performance with Lionel Grigson, Gary Peacock, and Ali Ryerson and Indian classical flute with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. He performs and lectures extensively throughout the USA, Europe and India. He is the author of numerous CD liner notes, articles for such publications as Down Beat, Saxophone Journal, Cadence, Flutist Quarterly, and, and books such as Divine Harmony: The Life and Teachings of Pythagoras and the forthcoming Music, Psyche, Cosmos. A member of the jazz committee for the National Flute Association, Dr. Westbrook is the director of the Harmonia Institute in Aspen Hill, Maryland.

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